Reviews for "Zootopia Shots: What do Predators eat?"

I actually thought about it right before clawhauser pulled out the box wondering if it was a soylent green joke. Still, a funny cross over. ^^

Why a bulldozer¿? He should have used a forklift... so you know, he try to kill them with a forklift.

NCH responds:

if you weren't aware, the end scene was a direct adaption to soylent green's main movie poster. the guy yelling is also adapted from the guy in front of the bulldozers in the movie poster too.

I only re-work the bulldozers seen in the poster to abit more bulldozer design for the animation since the movie poster show it being trucks with shovels in front of them piling people into their containers behind.

Headcanon accepted.

I love that movie!!!!!!!!!!!

(LOL!) Oh my this is just a new side on the map. Great job on this.