Reviews for "Zootopia Shots: What do Predators eat?"

I'm not going to lie, I just saw this today and I asked myself the SAME question driving home... I also was thinking there had to be "people" but probably in a Zoo or something. Thank you for answering this question, it was very good and funny (the voices, like Judy, were done flawless as well).

Out of the EFFING PARK! You broke a windshield in the parking lot! Not only did you parody a recent movie you also cameoed quite vintage and venerable social statement movies of the 1970s. Not only did you cameo Soylent Green you wrapped a whole joke around the cameo! 5 because this one was all that.

The animation quality was very good. The characters were so true to the movie. You twisted the humor behind the animation very well. It was clean and to the point without any freakishly bizarre animation gags. You also were true to the characters of Zootopia. You also led into the final joke in good time. And the end... I'm speechless. I also am a liar. That ending was so fitting. You stuck the dismount. Yep, 5 stars!

While there is a thing that I sort of seen where this was going from having seen Soylent Green to many younger viewers they would not have been able to predict the impending joke. But for those of us who did the way you presented the ending more than made up for that.

Parody at its best. Thank you!

NCH responds:

its comments like this that made my day, I'm glad you got the whole premise of the joke and enjoyed it. heh. thanks for the review.

This was amazing.

omg too much

This was great. keep up the good work!

Everything makes sense now