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Guardian from strangers

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i surely need to work on my time management.

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Twist-a-licious! The animatic style you were going for I thought suited it pretty alright!

Wow I totally didn't see that coming.

that twist at the man

Amazing! This short had many good qualities among which I would include great voice acting and sound effects. While the animation wasn't particularly fluid, I didn't feel that it held back the overall quality of the video. But, what sets this apart from other videos I've seen is a great plot centered on a morally ambiguous theme. I did not see the ending coming at all, in fact, the plot device was so effective that you made me really think about its implications for a good while. This video illustrates people's bias based upon appearances all while questioning the very idea of sin and punishment. I give you 5 stars for a true masterpiece.

such a high quality submission! The fight scenes were epic and the twist at the end was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.