Reviews for "Guardian from strangers"

If there's something I love, it's when an animation catches you off-guard with a twist of the good and bad. Loved it.

RIGHTEOUS. Touches on my favorite topic, which is of course moral ambiguity. The animation delightfully abuses the common habit of assuming details without knowing the full story. I'll be remembering this piece for a while. Also, you had Chongo and codeblackhayate, so the possibility of absolute and unredeemable fuck-uppery was approximately 0.0%.

Awesome. I thought it was gonna be another hollywood stlye clhiché ridden BS but your surprised me!

nice twist the voice acting was nice but next time get the lips moving still nice for a first flash also if the guy getting his ass whooped was in the wrong why in the hell would a deity come the his aid ?

this was great... I did see the ending coming... ok well sorts not the one you used but one like it... but still it was good. you lose half a star cause the non-moving mouths really threw me off, but all together that was still great.