Reviews for "Guardian from strangers"

Dat twist tho'...

Well done. The animation of the fight was great. But there's no avoiding how much realism is lost when the mouths don't move.

"Oh-ho-ho! I didn't know little schmucks had their own Protector-God." That line makes me lol way more than it should.

What a twist
Didn't expect such a funny ending

Whoa... This video must've taken a lot of patience! I actually like how you've went with this too! I had never expected the big twist either! You've done a great job! ^^


Believe it or not, the character development was perfect-o! I was actually rooting for the monstrous guardian until I found out the real reason why the brute was picking on him.

why no lip syncs? this is aweosme!!!!

Cenaf responds:

cuz no time. nata deadlines :<