Reviews for "Guardian from strangers"

Good art,
Horrible animation,
Amazing story!

I wasn't liking it too much, putting the lip syncing aside, but the end really caught me off guard. WELL DONE!

Poor, no mouth animations.

the only thing i think could improve this is actual lip syncing for the characters other than the goddess i feel the fact hey don't move they're mouths makes those parts rely a tiny bit more on the sound instead of the animation, but i think you did an amazing job on the artwork, the actions in the fighting scenes and story i like the little twist at the end.

At first I was thinking "this story is weak". The moment he shot her head, is when the story went in the right direction. Cause usually, I'd expect a woman /creature/'legendary creature" like her to PWN human beings easily and all that. And then your ending...oh boy....

A movie is two things: Everything before the ending, and the ending.

Great job, I'd say this piece right here is one of the best of all the NATA, so far. (Story-wise)

Keep it up.