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edit: daily first, front page, and a shoutout from Tom, thanks! You cats are alright

the story of a voicemail that gets all mixed up in other people's lives.

huge thanks to codeblackhayate for finding the time to voice this after asking her with less than 24 hours left in the round! (and for doing such a great job, too)

you can also find more of my works, WIPs, and miscellaneous gifs on my Tumblr:


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And you're left on voicemail.

wow! This is amazing. First of all, the animation was great and I like the style that it was done in, second, I like that the voicemail never explicitly stated anything, but it was instead implied in the animation and the tone of her voice. 5 stars!

So touching... By the way how I interpretated it, I think I can relate to it. I felt kinda like this when my frist love dumped me. I was almost depressed for a while and people worried about me, although I didn't realize I was acting weird.

Loved the art style, and the dialogue writing as well.

Gah, the feels.

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4.44 / 5.00

May 25, 2014
1:55 AM EDT