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Spacetime Fabric Softener

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A cosmonaut investigates a wormhole in deep space. Music & animation by Professor Soap.

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pretty trippy, but in a good and groovy sort of way. love the animation: it kinda harkens back to some of the older styles. i would say like Yellow Submarine, but it's been a while so that might be a bad example.

your application of simple colours is warm and friendly, almost whimsical, although particularly given the music you provided, it seems more like you're dead set on putting me in a trance. i'd say you're doing a mighty fine job. i could certainly listen to that for a good long while before i got tired of it, that's for sure.

Beautiful! I had not been back to newgrounds in several years, everytime i was mildly tempted the front page "spoofs" turned me away. Today I decided to have faith and explore further, and it payed off.
Great animation, super stylish, great music and syncing, loved the colors, the concept, the vibe peaceful / bittersweet, just an all around awesome animation!
Props, I wish there mere more like this, this is the type of stuff that make this community worth it, I might even be inspired to re-take this animation thing.
Gus M

I got dizzy during the red/blue vortex part and thought I would have a seizure, but it was cool otherwise. I love hand drawn stuff.

Beautiful and professional. The best looking cartoon I've seen on here so far. Great look. Music fitting and atmospheric. Pacing was a little slow. If there's no dialogue you need to keep the viewer fully occupied with visual spectacle, and I think the editing needed picking up a bit here. Great style though.

I see an influence from DanPaladin in your artwork :)