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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

Pure Epicness! I won't go in the details ^^

The art style is friggin gorgeous, I love how everything looks like it would be soft to the touch

I love the animation on the space person. Very cute, and very relaxing to watch. How did you put the softening filter on everything?

The animation style is beautiful. Once I looked at it, I smiled.

Nice work here. Love the animation, it reminds me of animations from the 40's. It's so smooth that it almost makes me forget this was done in Flash. Wait, this WAS done on Flash, right? If it was then it's just reminding me so much of traditional animation that it just makes me forget that it's Flash.

That's how good it is, man.

And the MUSIC, I shouldn't forget about the music. The animation and the music just collides so smoothly. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for making my day.

that was kinda mezmorizing..very good touches..your sir are very talented!