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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

The overall grainy texture is a great effect helping the overall feel of the animation. The music fits perfectly. But, in my opinion there were a few minor defects.

love this! I like the grainy texture that makes it look like paper and I also like the colours your chose! awesome

I absolutely loved the massive amount of color contrast that was maintained throughout the short, however it did feel a little harsh on the eyes at times, but that's just me. I felt it really portrayed a very float-y, careless feeling to the viewer which it should. The animation is very nice and wasn't jerky. Good one!

Pretty enjoyable and well done. People need to learn not to poke their fingers into spinning vortexes in space. But where's the fun in that?

I enjoyed the use of colour and the concept, and the length is good as well, but I still somehow feel like it was missing something. As he was spinning through the portal, I couldn't help but wonder what was on the other side, only to see him come out the same way he went in. Other than that I liked it, definitely favouriting it.

Hope to see more from you in this portal, the Newgrounds portal!


This is amazing