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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

Excellent! Unusual and beautiful.

Heck yeah. I have a warm, happy feeling from watching this. Definitely had a bit of a throwback feel to it. Like an early-childhood cartoon. That music is pretty great; it also has a warm retro tone. Such a wonderful animation really deserves more credit.

incredible animation. Moved a little slow in the first half. Loved the funny animals in the wormhole thing

I take my hat off to you Prof. Soap.

Just finished watching your video uploaded before this, and was upset with myself for not reviewing it - it was fantastic.

But I am even happier now..

I saw this, not knowing you were the animator, and thought to myself "How the hell are these guys making such quality animations?? "

Sure enough, they are both yours!

The music is fantastic, and suits perfectly with your drawing style. Your efforts will be rewarded, I know this!

10/10 for both.

I absolutely love this. The animation is spectacular and the music is just amazing. It looks and sounds like something from the 1960s, which is really awesome.