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Reviews for "Spacetime Fabric Softener"

Quite a clean job, as expected from ProfesorSoap!

Starts off pretty simple, but it gets pretty trippy with the swirling effects, nice and atmospheric. I wonder where the music is from? Seems like the same if not very similar track as in the recent Wizard animation. Is it? And what program do you use to make the sound? Keep it going!


That was beautiful, truly beautiful.

I liked that you used navy blue instead of black and bright pastel colours which matched the animation and drawing style perfectly. I was particularly impressed by your spinning cycles of the man floating in space.

I watched Far Away before I viewed this one, and I have to say that I enjoy both of them quite a bit.
Your style is intriguing to me because it reminds me of bit of some of the random offbeat cartoons I've seen growing up, and perhaps a bit of some of the animated interludes in some of the older episodes of Sesame St. Which is a good thing mind you.
Anyway, keep up the awesome work and I look forward to seeing your future works.