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A magical adventure set in a whimsical world of faeries and folk tales. Join Miley Cyrus as she traverse the vast lands of awe and wonder to find her one true love.


Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Jump, Fire Blaster downwards mid-air
Space/X - Fire Blaster
Esc - Pause

- Updated to Unity 2018 WebGL

- Added more levels
- Added some aesthetics (level progress screen, etc)
- Fixed some issues

- Reduced knockbacks when getting hit
- Increased spawn delay
- Added fire downwards

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Amusing game, little buggy.
Knockback is still a killer - get hit by spikes once and you can forget most levels, bit OP. Same deal with seahorses that can avoid you by going through walls: if an AI can charge you from behind a wall then you should be able to do the same to it. Managed to complete one level after dieing and landing my tombstone on the end-level marker.
Awesome story / level quotes, liked the boss - hardish until you learn its pattern but then uber easy.

pony.mov reference?

Great new addition to the ...erm Miley Cyrus gaming genre, a new step forword in ... some direction.
8.5/10 -> better than twerking game

Isn't this supposed to be an assassing game? Where's the killing of MKiley Cyrus and why is this a boring platformer? Sorry but this reall;y didnty live up to my expectations

OOkay just one question, what does Miley Cyrus have to do with any of this? I feel like you just kinda shoe horned her in cuz she's relevant right now.
When it said she was the main character I was expecting to get to be attached to a wrecking ball and smashing through her fans or something cool. But nah.

This got boring pretty quick.