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Reviews for "Wreck"

So I've played all three of the Assassin Jam games now, and I'm severely disappointed in them all. The only one that really captured the spirit of the original games was the beat em up game and even that was pretty awful. The original assassin games are still some of the most fun to play on NG. I have to wonder if the teams even looked at any of the original content. Very let down.

Igmon responds:

To be fair, I did play the K-Fed: Dancing With Fire :)

Ok first of all i have to congratulate you on making a submission for the contest, working with a random team is extremely hard and only our 3 teams made it!
I like the gameplay, the jet thingy makes it an interesting gameplay detail, also the classic enemy + spike combo make numerous combinations to make levels harder and unpredictable.
The enemies had nice detail in the way they were made and certainly were very diverse giving the time you had.
The art was very smooth and gameplay pretty clean of bugs.
The bad parts:
-This game feels very default, it was like you had little time to make a game so you went ahead and used some premade resources into a game.
-The jet thing? I cant see a connection to Miley, maybe my mistake..but it really looks another pre made thing added for gameplay and not for this specific game.
-The assassin game style is completely overlooked

Overall this is a nice game on its own, nice graphics, good retro music, and smooth gameplay it just doesnt convey the Assassin game at all and feels too default.
Cheers and good luck!

Igmon responds:

There were some resources pulled, but all of them were modified to fit in the game, I'd say 90% of the game is still from scratch. Fonts and some of the UI art were from my 'generic' assets. The platforming mechanic is a framework I made a while back, but that's only for the movement and jump. The jetpack mechanic was done from scratch.

Gameplay: 5/5 [Comfortable controls and no problem when playing]
Fun: 4/5 [Funny but too short, completed it in about 5 minutes I think]
Sound/Music: 4/5 [The music fits, but turns annoying after a minute]
Graphics: 5/5 [Lovely pixels <3]
Creativity: 5/5 [A game about miley cyrus non-related to twerk, good job]
When I readed MILEY CYRUS, I was thinking on twerking, but all was different, I didn't expect what I saw, so for that, I give this game a...

I enjoyed the game. Didn't encounter the issues with physics the other reviewers listed. I mean the knockback's there but I just took advantage of it. More or less used the cannon as a jetpack with offensive capability. As for the music - it fits. I wasn't paying much attention to it so I can't write a more in-depth comment. Loved the pixel graphics though.

Ooh, I'm glad we got it done on time!

I still need to fix the level loop, and I plan on extending it, so don't delete the game file yet, ok? ;)
And, as JakkMAU5 said, credit the audio.

Game wise, it's really fun. The controls could use some work, and the difficulty should be lowered, but other than that, it's pretty fun!