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Reviews for "Wreck"

hard at lvl 5 or 6

didnt like the mechanics

No Time to twerk: the game

Art: Very nice and cute, especially gooby. 4.5/5

Audio: It was okay at first but then it got boring and annoyingly repetitive. 3/5

Storyline: It was original but it didn't make much sense, why did the 'master' want Hannah Montanna dead. 3.5/5

Gameplay: Fun at first, especially with the fire blaster (that was a nice touch), however it got boring throughout the game because you did the same things over and over again. 2/5

Overall: The art was the best feature. The worst would have to be the fun-factor of the game, it was boring. 14/20 or 3.5/5

I'm on the rival team the thing about this game is its a platformer and not exactly going with the same formulaic set up as the old justin timberlake and associated games have. Besides the point, you have something that its music is amazing that JakkMAU5 did and why i keep coming back, it has a remix at the beginning of that miley song haha, amazing as a stand alone song. The song is arguably better then the original song with lyrics. Also, another thing, while playing you can float around by shooting haha. it has a great playability factor to it, like a jet pack you have to let charge back up or it over heats. and the miley sprite is extremely cute and her little stubby arms flap in the air. A great game overall. I wish it kept going after I beat the game.