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Urinal Buddies

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EDIT2: AND First Page!!!!! Yeeeee
EDIT: Woah daily feature, what. Thanks to the voters!

It's a cartoon about a coupla guys who pee. The moral of the story is, you're a great friend and I'd love to find you on a map.


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Orange guy didn't wash his hands...
Very nice job with the animation!

Nice movie
He did pee in the cup for sure.
i love the humor
Keep it up

I like how this came out

Brewster responds:

thanks Food123 you always give the best reviews

The fuck?! XD How didn't the guy notice that he was pissed in a cup. The there would have been piss all over the floor. And his hands too.

Regardless, i really like this one. It was well animated, and had a nice track to go out on in the end.
Btw that track reminds me of something. I think it's from a James Bond movie if i'm not mistaking.
"The Spy Who Loves Me" maybe?

Nice animation, nice choice of music... but, uhh... where were the jokes?

Brewster responds:

you either missed the point or you're just mean : • (

Wait... did he pee in the cup?

Brewster responds:

he peed in the cup