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Reviews for "Urinal Buddies"

aww man.
That was a perfect lead up to the joke. I like your art style, man. and you do voices really well.
Very funny! I like it :D

Brewster responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

you could've added sound effects.
but all and all, it was acceptable.

Brewster responds:

there were some sound effects there but they might not be audible underneath the talking and music

I'm not sure how i was supposed to react. It was funny in a sort of first-grade nonsense humor, but it didnt really have much of a joke in it. I would suggest, for the next video you make, worl on the comedy some, but other that that, it was pretty good.

Brewster responds:

Thanks, i'll always be trying new stuff so dont worry your soul about it

Looks good.

The animation is fluid and nice, could work a bit on the mouth movements.
The animation overall is actually really nice... But it wasn't "that" funny.
Not trying to be a dick here, but the pee joke was lame, and i didn't get it.

Brewster responds:

yeah youre right the lip sync couldve been stronger. thanks for taking the time

Super cute. Reminds me of you and I. How we met. We need to hang sometime.

Brewster responds:

Things were better then