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Reviews for "Urinal Buddies"

aww man.
That was a perfect lead up to the joke. I like your art style, man. and you do voices really well.
Very funny! I like it :D

Brewster responds:

Thanks for the kind words!


Story Line:

Nice drawings...

Could still be improved but nevertheless okay...

Nice voice actors...

It's okay to watch alone but gonna be awkward to watch it with some friends..

Brewster responds:

Thanks, I think this would be the kind of cartoon that you should watch with complete strangers or maybe a few of your uncles.

He broke the first rule of the Guy Code! Ban him from the mandom and take away his membership benefits! *wink*

Brewster responds:

guy code more like gay code ooooooh

What the fuck did I just watch? ROFLMAO thats what ...good shit.

Brewster responds:

Hey man you shouldn't be so insensitive, on the other hand, thank you

Nice movie
He did pee in the cup for sure.
i love the humor
Keep it up

I like how this came out

Brewster responds:

thanks Food123 you always give the best reviews