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Reviews for "Urinal Buddies"

lol pretty nice flash, i like the snappy animations and the drawn style. lots of expression here, i also found the main character reminded me of sbc... as for the rotating shot i actually quite liked that. overall great job XD

Brewster responds:

Thanks! This actually did start out as a Clock Day thing. If you look the red guy's head is shaped like a strawberry, the green guy is a pear, and the orange guy is guess what. I started it on Clock Day but obviously didn't finish til much later so I decided to give them people faces and here we are.

The saga begins. Stylistically it is good. I like the colors you chose and the character design is funny. It's not too long or short. The music choice is good. Really not too much else to say. PM me sometime and we'll take a piss together. Don't cross the streams.

Brewster responds:

I'd love to take a good piss with a good man

Fun little toon. Would be good if there was a replay button somewhere. oh nevermind it eventually drops back to the ad. (still).

The spinning of the camera in the bathroom scene felt a little unnecessary, think it could have just been a harsh cut I think. It feels distracting for it to do that as the rotation it ends up at isnt adding all that much more tension between the characters.

Minor stuff. Also i hate people that sneak a peek, and i hate even more when people try to talk to me!

Brewster responds:

Yeah I actually debated whether or not to add a replay button. There's room for it, so I'm probably gonna go back and add it after I finish typing this. I actually kinda agree with you about the camera spin. When I planned out the whole thing it was supposed to just cut like you said but I saw the opportunity to try it new so I did. I don't think it looks too bad but you're right, it wasn't necessary. Thanks for spilling your thoughts!

lmao, took a while before I found the pun... watching it again it's obvious though. Smooth animation, acward situation; really perfect music at the end. Keep it going!


Brewster responds:

Thanks! I'll keep going it

This is hilarious, probably one of my favorites by you.
I really like the animation style, and the music is fitting at the end.
I'll be on the look out for your next submission.
Keep up the great work!

Brewster responds:

Thanks glad you liked it