Ripple Dot Zero

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Lab Rat 5 Points

You woke up, you were flushed, you escaped...

Moonwalker 50 Points

Completed the game

Ripple Dot Master 50 Points

Completing the game with good ending

Messiah 100 Points

All Ripples Rescued

Author Comments

Ripple Dot Zero is a classic action platformer heavily influenced by the aestethics of the 16-bit era of the early The game features 20 Levels of running, bouncing, slashing and Gyro-Blade-throwing, set to the slick beats of an original soundtrack of pure fm-funk schmaltz. Even the sound effects where made with FM-synthesis to give the game that sharp sting of early gaming.

Move with arrow keys
Attack: Ctrl or Z
Jump: Space or X
Pause in game with P or ESC
Toggle Mute: M
Full screen: F

Re-map controls from main menu


great game. cool character design. fluid animation. solid control. great music. this game is like mega man x meets sonic the hedgehog

My body is Ready for this game

Why am I not able to play? No matter how much i clcik or refresh and reload, I clcik new game and nothing happens... HELP?!

salomonssonDOTse responds:

Hi BigDaddy457.
That was not good. It works for me. Can you please send me a PM (or email bugs@pixeltruss.com) so we can try and work it out? Much appreciated. /Tommy

Ok, I have to say right off the bat, that this is an amazing game! So, the gist of the story is, I think, is that you're an alien penguin race, called the "Ripples", that crash landed onto planet Earth, were captured, and you being the only one that escaped, must escape Earth and save your Ripple friends while doing so. I really loved the vibe this game gave off, giving a 16 bit era theme, and with music that would fit into the era. The music is catchy just like any other 8-16 bit music. People that have played Mario Bros. can easily hum out the tune for the first stage in the first game, and the music in Ripple Dot Zero easily does the same thing, it's still going on in my head as I type this. The art done in this game is phenomenal. The logo on the first stage especially pops out. Unregarding that, the stages are very pleasing to the eyes. The fore ground and background blends together very nicely and transissions from movement are very smoothe. The ending cinematics especially were beautifully done. Onto the gameplay, controls ran very smoothely and gave a fast pace to it, combining that with fair level designs makes fair play, meaning if you screw up, it's your fault. Speaking of the stage designs, the levels were very vast, and filled with tons of secrets, encouraging exploration, and rewarding you with many goodies, such as hidden stages and power-ups of the sort. The first few stages introduces these powerups to the player and teaches the player about it's functions, for example, a throwing blade... thing... that could break through certain blocks and retrieve capsules with ease. The game introduced this by making a pyramid with these blocks with a lot of goodies in it, and then practically just giving the weapon to the player, letting the player figure out its functions, then rewarding the player for learning. Also for a 100% completion, you must rescue the other Ripples, like Cool Spot if anyone's played that game, by collecting enough capsule to open up a bonus stage so that you can have a chance to save your encapsulated penguin friend. Failing to complete the bonus stage in a certain amount of time means that you lose and have to open up the bonus stage again by playing the stage again. Grant it, that can be tedious, however, I myself did not find the bonus stages to be of much difficulty. The ending boss was lack luster sadly, I finding myself easily defeating it. Overall, I loved the game and wished that there was more of it, not that it was unsatisfying, more like Star Fox where people want more of it because it's so awesome. It's highly replayable with all the secrets for you to discover and a satisfying 100% completion on the line. I would recommend this game to nostalgia cravers, and any platform game lover. Thanks guys for this really fun and interesting game, and I'm hoping that more games like this will be on the way.

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good job mate. love the music

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4.30 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2013
5:50 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop