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Reviews for "Ripple Dot Zero"

the graphic is cool , all things are not bad but i absolutely hate the soundtrack :v it's pissing me off for some reason

Many "famous" indie games are worse than this game. I don't know what to say about it. It's fantastic, it's one of the best games I've played here on Newgrounds.

I made an account just to comment on this game. It's that good. Reminded me of my Sega Mega Drive years which I have really fond memories of. The graphics are pretty, animation is nice and fluid, music catchy and very Sonic-like, controls responsive, the main character cool-looking. Anyone who grew up during the 16-bit era will fall in love with this.

I certainly hope there is a sequel, and I suggest you consider putting this on XBLA, PS Store and especially Steam. I'd gladly pay for a game this good, and I believe I'm not the only one.

Simply a fantastic remembrance of those times just twenty years ago. Allow me to go into detail..

Gameplay: An interesting combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Strider, which both invoke a 90's in their very zeal. Both mix together perefctly, sprinting through springs and ramps with a blade of infinite power. The items were highly abundant, not a problem at all. Bonus levels ramped a good bit up after a short while, as I have yet to reach the good ending.

Music and Sound: Ooooh, is it the greatest. The soundtrack greatly resembles that of Sonic CD, more than anything else I have seen or heard. It is so good, it makes up for some favortistic competition in my head against Andrew Sega's synth metal and pop works during the 90's too for video games; what a coincidence, but Sega was on DOS, though. Sound effects are strikingly familiar to that of the Sega Genesis (Heh, Sega.), as intended.

Plot/Writing: Just like its brainfathers, Ripple Dot zero features no dialouge outside of tutorial messages and level names, but still has a great sense of emotion, for I even feel dissapointed when I fail to save an innocent Ripple. The story could use some kind of supplemetal writing in the form of a mockup instruction manual right out of the cartridge case.

Conclusion: As a mere summary, Ripple Dot Zero has fast, smooth gameplay, classic music and sound of great nostalgia, and writing that could use some supplement. It manages to be the greatest of 'retro remakes' I have ever seen, for it appears that little people dare mess with the 16-bit era. But you three, Tommy, Simon, and Nils, have created a masterpiece. I'm still, somewhere in my heart, holding out for a game of a similar caliber of greatness, but in the style of PC gaming, .MOD files and all.

This was a remarkable game that rewarded my insane 100% complete impulses. Love hanging in the zoo, nice touch. Thank you for this amazing gaming experience.