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Reviews for "Ripple Dot Zero"

That lvl select music. So gewd.
Nice game so far. I like the subtle references to other classic games in the beginning lvl (mario pipe? and a "headhog" hallway you can go to). I like the lvl designs and locations as well. Them Backgrounds are vast and encompassing. This would be cool on like...the 3DS or something :D

This game makes me remember of Sonic, great game!

Find i it in a store to 1 dollar: bad copy 10 dollar: a used one 50 sollar: The real one 100 dollars: its must have sold fast!

this game is defenitely worthy of the title of being a game... and by that I mean it is so well done, I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen this as an actual 16 bit era game being sold in a shop somewhere...

extremely well done, you set out to make something... and you pulled it off flawlessly.

Music is AWESOME, graphics are AWESOME, gameplay is AWESOME!
I'll buy this thing. Just shut up and take my money!