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Reviews for "Ripple Dot Zero"

The music and the backgrounds make me think of the old Sega Sonic for some reason (which is a really good thing!). I had a real blast playing that game, as if I was back in the youth of gaming! :D

I was beginning to think I was the only one left who really understood and felt the genius, beautiful aesthetics of the legacy of Sega games, particularly those on the Genesis. This game concentrates those aesthetics and then some. For all those people who cannot understand what those aesthetics are, I now have a perfect compendium of reference to direct them to. This game is sublime and speaks to my heart. Thank you, this game is the kind of proof I've been looking for that these divine aesthetics have not become a lost art.

this game is great. the visuals are crisp and clean. the gameplay is very good reminds me of strider on the sega genesis. the music is awsome. I love this game its great stuff I give a 5 out of 5 star a A+ game.

This guy is the next flash portal hero!
This game has so much atmosphere and i can't wait what our penguin will encounter in the future!

This game is great.
It made me feel like I was playing sega all over again. Please continue the good work (even if you have to kickstart it, I'd pitch in)