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Reviews for "Ripple Dot Zero"

Love it. Very MegaMan-ish

immediately I have to say this: I love the callback to the 16 bit era, and I can hear all those sounds from the genesis, but one thing just got on my nerves that took this game down by a lot: the bonus stages. I love the callback to 16 bit difficulty, but even then they knew: if you earned your reward, you got it. I'm not even going a significant chunk into the game, and the bonus stage gets me. I clear the whole thing, getting the required number of pills, then I immediately lose said reward because I took too long saying "YES!"

Man this game takes me back. I was one of those kids with the Sega Channel, back in the day, and this reminded me of that experience so much!! I haven't had this much fun with a platformer in a tick. Keep up the good work! On to the review: The visuals were beautiful and the sound...THE SOUND was so wonderful!!! Just like an old cartridge was plugged in! Last but not least, gameplay. I'm glad you included a controls menu, otherwise I would have had some trouble playing with the default setup. Great fun and superb game!!! Can't wait for any future endeavors!!!

This game is OUTSTANDING man, the best on newgrounds, no doubts. Congrats!

now this is the style of games id like to see more of here on newgrounds.