Ninja and Blind Girl - 2

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Use the powers of 4 brave companions and defend Blind Girl at any cost! Use powerful spells and deadly weapons to defeat the evil King Panda and his minions.
* You can upgrade each companion in various ways.

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Great game but i wish i could control my characters during the battle.

proper time killer, you really have to upgrade everything to the final weapons etc to win, good game overall (Y)

the powers sometimes take while to register that they've been clicked

Would be a 4 but for fucks sake i cant click anything outside of the game without it auto pausing. what the fuck. this is annoying as hell. its automated but "hurr you gotta watch the game n****r". fucking annoying

Great game! I would have liked a little more leeway to customize my characters rather than following a strict upgrade tree. For example, I found the blind girl's orb power pretty useless compared to her ability to heal, but to upgrade her healing power I had to upgrade the orb power as well. At first I thought I could purchase at random from the skill tree, but quickly found out it would eat my funds for nothing in return. Overall though, playing the game was an enjoyable experience and I'd enjoy a sequel.

The last boss is indeed a pain in the butt, but I found a strategy that works (not necessarily the best strategy). Equip Heal, Taunt, Dynamite, and Shield. When the boss shows up, he'll probably go after Rei or Ken first, which is annoying. Rei will turn invisible after several attacks, and Ken will teleport to a safe area (at least, that's what you hope). Now you have to keep him away from Annie. Use taunt to draw the boss to Lee, then use the Shield on Lee and Heal as his health starts to get low. He has enough health and armor to take a beating, so ideally you want to keep the boss focused on him and use Taunt every time it refreshes. You can try using Dynamite to do some extra damage, but it might get Rei in trouble if he isn't near full health. It'll probably take a few tries since Rei or Ken sometimes don't behave and get themselves killed, but it will eventually work.

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2013
4:22 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature June 13, 2013