Reviews for "Ninja and Blind Girl - 2"

Pretty addicting game!

The last boss is simply imposssible. I have fully upgraded characthers, have tried many and many strategies and nothing work. It's quite frustating come through almost the entire game just to face an immortal god at the end.

Very likable.
The animation had decent timing and you go into details with even small stuff like getting coins. You see the enemy die, the coin float, then the exact moment it disappears it adds to the coin bar at the bottom. Aside from that the animation is nothing out of the ordinary for games such as this one, but that you remember the details makes it more enjoyable to play.
The music was pleasant and the sound effects sufficient, meaning that there doesn't have to be more than there is. I would've liked to see a version with a little less compressed sound track.
I like the way you calculate the amount of coins you receive at the end(dividing by x completions). It encourages people to move on. This way only people who don't have a problem with dying continuously can get the full amount of coin per try.

The upgrades are good, but a bit of balancing would be nice.
I would like to see Blind girl with a less powerful heal and lower cooldown. This makes it more reliable, instead of it being 1-3 heals per fight.

"Sleeves of Life Steal" does not seem to be working. It still heals after 4 attacks, not 3.

When you select an ability that can be cast on the ground or another member, you can't deselect it again, you have to click something else. This is not really a problem since that's all you're doing anyway, but it feels sloppy.

That the heroes change appearance through upgrades is a nice touch.
You should have someone proof-read your games before you submit them. Your game has many grammatical errors and misspellings.

I'll take Rei's defensive skill tree as an example.
"Kimono of helth" should've been "Kimono of Health"
"Gloves of dodge" makes more sense as "Gloves of Dodging"
"Sleeves of life steal" description has a typo. "Every 3 attack steals.." should be "Every 3 attacks steal.." or "Every 3rd attack steals".

I'd be happy to proof read for you.
Great game, very similar to other games, but it does the genre honor.

Very good game. I really like the customization of each teammate.

Love these type of games :P Although there is a glitch in the upgrades system XD It's an upgrades tree (Work from the top down) but you can 'kinda' buy something lower down in the tree without the upgrade above it... I say 'kinda' because it takes away your money without giving the upgrade.

Either way, great game!