Reviews for "Ninja and Blind Girl - 2"

This game is... not that great. It had a good many problems that hindered my enjoyment of it.

First of all, the game is kind of dull. Don't get me wrong, it started out pretty good, it was fun at first. But as things went on, I didn't feel as if anything in this game stood out, or that I would remember it beyond this review. The art style is "meh". It feels very uninspired to me, and kind of basic.

Secondly, glitches abound!

A good example of a large game-breaking bug that I encountered (because you can't continue without it), is the upgrade system. Truth be told, it seems more than a little bit spotty. I can recall several instances where I would have enough money for an upgrade, and couldn't purchase it.

Well, I should say that I *did* purchase the upgrades, or at least the game said I did-- the money I had was almost gone, so I assume that's what that means-- but I didn't get any bonus from the upgrade I just purchased, nor did it show up on my character.

It's clear that the programming on that end is completely fucked, and you really need to work on it. But I'm honestly not sure how you might go about fixing something like that, as I don't know all that much about programming.

Third, the music needs a lot of work. I won't spend too much time on this, because it's a simple fix. Just get more music next time, and you're golden.


Glitches (-2 stars): upgrade system robbed you of money, and didn't deliver the goods. This makes the later stages nigh impossible to beat.

Dull (-1 star): the game isn't very interesting. The art style the game uses is very basic and unexceptional-- which, while not all that big of a deal in and of itself, is compounded by lackluster music (that one track), and largely repetitive game play. Overall, I'd say it was very "meh".

You get 2/5 stars, because the game is at the very least playable, and succeeds to some degree in providing a fun experience-- if only for a short while.

Not too bad! Though it was a bit basic. I didn't really feel the urge to continue playing after a while. :o

Also.. What the hell is with all the stupid chain messages!

Really addictive, got me playing non-stop until the final level.
It was really fun! :D

Nah, some good qualities. But the controls are a bit off.

I strongly suggest you mention that blind girl is a mage. With the title and comments as they are now, I got the immediate impression the blind girl was a useless NPC that I would have to defend (like in some old video games). I questioned why someone would make a whole game centered around defending a useless NPC, unless it was a parody.

But yes, blind girl is a mage, and she is useful. She doesn't move around, but she still can defend herself. I really like that.

I dislike the plus icon on the status screen. I had no idea that the plus icon would redirect me to another site. (I expected it to add something). Most games from another site have a "more games" button that does this feature, and it's more intuitive as to what the button does. I like the feature, just not the presentation of it.

Additionally, I also didn't expect the star to be achievements, but it makes sense.

I dislike the two right-facing arrows on the screen at the end of the battle. I went to click the rightward-most arrow, then paused. There are two arrows facing that way, so which one is it? Eventually, I realized the middle arrow was a retry/replay, and the rightward most was exit.

The sound for her getting damaged sounds like she's coughing.

Overall, I really liked the gameplay. It's fun to see how little changes can affect the battlefield in a big way. One piece of armor, or trying this spell here instead of there.

I've copy+pasted my review from when this was uploaded before, because the author seems to have reuploaded it without changing much except the title. I really dislike that I lost my saves, because I was around the 14th area.