Reviews for "Ninja and Blind Girl - 2"

I was sturggling at first to control the charcters with the arrow keys, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly... It's really an original way of controlling the charecters, and IMO it made the game as appealing as it is, not to mention Graphics and sounds that were pretty good too.
Also, having the possibilty to upgrade, buy, add charecters, etc... is always blessed.

All in all, I think the developer did a great job, this game is a frontpage material :)


Great game. Good art and good mechanics. Being able to select between two special attacks for each character adds a nice level of strategy.

I encountered none of the glitches described in the other reviews. The one glitch I did encounter was that I couldn't use number keys to trigger special attacks sometimes and had to click them with my mouse. After that, the number keys were available again. This glitch most often happened when the game announced an achievement.

If found the game pretty addictive. I played through it twice. This is front page material.

I love this game! I haven't beaten it yet, but hopefully I will soon. It's simple enough to play as a time waster, but as you progress it becomes more challenging and you must evolve your strategies. The first boss fight was extremely difficult until I grinded back through all of the previous levels a few times. The only thing I would like added is a button to speed up battles for less boring grinding.

Love these type of games :P Although there is a glitch in the upgrades system XD It's an upgrades tree (Work from the top down) but you can 'kinda' buy something lower down in the tree without the upgrade above it... I say 'kinda' because it takes away your money without giving the upgrade.

Either way, great game!