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Fear Less!

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A girl's recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Clear your mind and fight back against the darkness!

Wow, over 160,000 views! Thanks so much, Newgrounds!

I added five site medals to say thanks. And one of them is really, really hard. =)



Z to jump. X to attack. Aim attacks within red to fight back.

Game controls can be changed in the Options menu.

[ 0 ] zero key mutes

[ - ] / [ + ] adjusts volume

A collaboration between innomin and atpalicis ( www.atpalicis.com/facebook.com/atpalicis )


"[oo]" (www.soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy/o-o) by Tony McCoy (www.soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy)

Full soundtrack free here: www.dropbox.com/sh/deo0gfyurbgbi1s/GO8qNqMJH1


1) the game does have an ending, but it's a bit of a puzzle to solve. hint: unlock all medals and 'fear less'. =)

2) the visual disorientation some people are getting is an optical illusion called the 'waterfall effect'. it's harmless, and should stop if you take a short break. wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_aftereffect

3) all randomness is structured into groups with delays, so the game is fair when you get at least double jump.

4) the fire/skull area is beatable without taking damage. it might scare you the first time, though. =)

5) I switched over to the newgrounds API after mochi died. Sorry to everyone who had problems playing on april 1st. It wasn't an april fools joke, promise!

6) atpalicis and I are working on a much larger project right now, so stay tuned!

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weird.... years ago, when i tried to play it, it was insainly hard to pass it.... now, its challenging and fun to play.... Experience does make masters.....
120 seconds is two minutes.... ok, that will be a challange....

Great music!

a really cool game just when u finish it u just reset and try to get the achievements

I remember playing this game when it was first released and loving it... then for YEARS trying to find it back through the Newgrounds search. Searched: reaper, sleeping, girl, ribbon, dream, running, foxes, scythe, scary, coffee... Never found it back... Finally came across it by accident as a 'You might also enjoy...' Game is awesome, but tags are NOT. Bookmarked it.

i think there should be another achievement for not killing any foxes