Reviews for "Fear Less!"

ok ok this game was too boring to try to go for the medals im just being honest!
giving a secound try ehhh could not do it honestly cause the first level is to difficult and i feel whole game is the same objective atk and jump needs more lifes too

Music is awsome and the art is pretty, its simple yet you need some skill play, its just perfect! The only question i have is ''Why isnt this is in the android app store?''

Loved It! Challenging but not impossible. The art was beautiful and I LOVE the music. Great Job!

This game is amazing. Music is perfect, pixelated graphics and effects are flawless, and characters are cute - all of them, flaming skulls included.

I would call this a true masterpiece, although a short one, but there is still room for improvement (I know it is almost 4 years old, but nonetheless...):

Receeding after damage to have more time to react against next obstacles is a nice touch, but sometimes it backfires - making the girl get damaged a second time by obstacles that are too close. This could infuriate a few players after happening a few times, especially if they are going for the hardest medal. Increasing the current invincibity window by 1 second - allowing her to jump during this last second - would be enough.

That obviously isn't enough to even consider pulling any stars from my review. Well done.

The Chowder reference, "Trouble with Truffles" medal, is almost unnoticeable. I wonder if anyone else besides me saw it, also lovely job with the game! The concept is grand and all but I was hoping for there to be more to it. Or maybe some Easter eggs to be found like clicking on a stuffed animal in her room or something. It's still terrific without it, and I hope you have fun working on your next project!