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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

Really Impressive and decent!

I think there should also have been mud swamps that sink her and slow her down/drain her health and/or skunks that can be somehow helpful by spraying her, the smell would make her "invincible" the critter won't attack because of the smell...

Apologies however if nobody likes the ideas...

Not too shabby a platform jumping game, although there are some things that could be improved. I hold a personal grudge against the jumping mechanism. While the graphics are a plus, the obstacles on the ground blend in a little bit too much with the background in the beginning. You start off jumping low and so, have difficulty jumping over middle-tier obstacles. Once you jump higher...well, I there were a decent amount of times that I jumped over a grave and right into the fire that WTF flew out of nowhere and I was totally at a loss because I can't control how high I jump. I personally don't like how some of the basic game mechanics are restricted from the player in the beginning like double jump (there's no other way to pass the fire + tomb combo) but that's just me.

On toppa that, most games like this give the player a short period of 'invincibility' after they hit something to ensure that if the player gets punched in a direction they totally didn't intend, they don't suffer chain damage. This jumping game doesn't have that, so if you hit something in the later part of the game (or even earlier) you might suffer more damage than intended so that is quite infuriating, especially taken into the account that some obstacles are so hard to dodge it almost seems unfair. But your character can recover relatively quickly later, so that's a plus.

Overall it's quite balanced once you get used to the flow. Graphics and music are great, medals were really fun to get, and it becomes a good game to kill some time. I suggest to get the last medal, you should get all jump upgrades first, top priority, try netting a few medals in one run at a time, and save fox ears upgrade for last. I kind of expected the game to expand on the story a little bit due to the tutorial in the beginning, but it didn't. That doesn't detract from the charm of the game, though, because the characters speaks for themselves well enough throughout the game without elaboration. Happy Dreams!

I love this game so much mainly because the game reminds me of my mental problems and then its sad the title song but yet its beautiful and I never forget this because it gives me a sense of hope

This just shows how such a simple mechnic can be made good with such beautiful graphics and storyline.

Really fun game with awesome music. :)

Despite the creepy atmosphere of running away from Death in a nightmare (plus fire and flaming skulls. :p), the game seems really adorable with the girl and the animals, harmful or not. XD

Upgrades are always fun to get, and the achievements are usually challenging without being too hard. :)

I wish there was more backstory on why the heck she's having these crazy nightmares in the first place though, and what exactly it means for her to get stronger and beat them... (Of course, that second part at least is just for the sake of the game, but I'd still like a story to it anyway. XD)