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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

Wow, this game is really intriguing.
I really like the vibe of it all. Kind of a Little Nemo thing going on with the dream situation and such.
Even the graphics are reminiscent of the old NES title.
Loving it, keep up the awesome work!

Awesome game, the music was awesome and It was so cute that she cried when death caught up.

I'm a sucker for upgrade mechanics, and I love the art style. I'm a huge anime fan, but not normally of Chibi. But this is just too cute!

Felt very satisfying when, upon getting all the upgrades. Death caught me and then got an "OH CRAP" expression and vanished into thin air. And so cute seeing the girl finally get a good night's sleep.

I absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, and I hope you don't mind; I did a short let's play of it. And if I didn't mention it there, the artwork is adorable. The upgrade system is completely and totally awesome, the game played smoothly I haven't had a glitch or issue at all. The music? Oh my god the music. I'm still drooling on myself. It's delicious. The music is some of the sweetest ear candy I've heard in a game of this genre and retro style. 5 stars, all of my like. Every last drop of it. -TEEG