Reviews for "Fear Less!"

Nice Game. It was, how some say, 'cute'.
Well anyways, a little add-on the the ending thing:
To get the ending get all the medals BUT the medal Sunlight as that is the medal when you GET the ending.
That confused me for a bit and I sat for a while getting to 673m then I finally realized that WAS the ending thing.
Anyways, nice game 5/5.

Splendid, I only wish there were some newground's medals to go along with the in game ones, still an absolutely fun game!

heh beatiful i love after the end you see her still sleeping and death isnt there anymore :) .................................also for some reason this game makes me feel like taking my shirt off grabing a katana and running through the wilderness slashing any monsters i encounter XD

great game. nice graphics and characters its also kinda chalenging but i didnt quite liked that you could run as best as you want but you still couldnt beat the game. overall still 5/5 cause of the cute main character interesting story, medals and game itself

I loved this game and the concept. My best distance was 548m I ran 122s Flawlessly and got all the achievements. I had a blast. How about a leader-board for farthest distance ran? Could keep this game active for a long time.

innomin responds:

it has mochi leaderboards if you click the <[=]- buttons next to your results in distance and time. =)