Reviews for "Fear Less!"

Well this is certainly a fun little game.

I have to say, first off, I wasn't affected by the optical illusion in play here. Could be that I never identified it.

This is perhaps one of the most simple games on Newgrounds I have found in a long time. The controls are easy and manageable, which really affects the difficulty of the game, going from beginner to expert as you progress. [Especially when landing after a triple jump; can't even count the amount of times I got hit] This right here is gaming at its core.

I found it cute that you chose Death to look like a fox, as well as the three foes you can head hunt as well. The graphics were simple, and I love the feeling of nostalgia they evoke. The girl's expressions were well thought-out, which I think adds to the cuteness of it all, despite it's rather grim premise. Kudos to you.

The music was catchy and well done, and on more than one occasion, I wanted to just bop along to it, even if I was constantly running and slaying animals. I especially love the little parts that sounded reversed, which really added a nice touch to the game and helped convey the feeling of a bad dream or nightmare. You could say it sort of spurred me to get all the medals. Although reversing music may sound weird, given the song, I think you guys pulled it off stupendously.

Overall, the game was very nice, with a simple, achievable goal over time. It had enough appeal to keep me playing, and I shall say it is a gem of a game, truly unique amongst others.

5 5 Fav
Loved every second of it!

innomin responds:

Thanks so much, we really appreciate the glowing review! Some of those 0/5 people were getting to me, but comments like this remind me why we do this. =)

I took the time to finish this game. What I expected was a normal hop-and-bop type play style, however when I got down to it. I got an addictive, beautiful example of a Retro-Pixel art style (With a optional Retro filter, Neat!) and a warm little story.

Great animations that give the game a lot of credible personality paired with an addictive play style made getting the metals and unlocking the ending all the better.

Great job, and I'm looking forward to that larger project you two are working on.


5 Stars, imaginative, simple, pretty and praise-worthy.

i just wanna hang out with the artist and attempt to leech off some of the awesome, because hot holy hell thats nice...

anyway, really fun, quite addicting
havent gotten the ending yet, but i will!

please make more things

Love this game! So addictive!