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Reviews for "Fear Less!"

The Chowder reference, "Trouble with Truffles" medal, is almost unnoticeable. I wonder if anyone else besides me saw it, also lovely job with the game! The concept is grand and all but I was hoping for there to be more to it. Or maybe some Easter eggs to be found like clicking on a stuffed animal in her room or something. It's still terrific without it, and I hope you have fun working on your next project!

I love it! The pixel art is beautiful it controls well, simple but not too simple, it's great!

Simple yet very fun and addicting. Absolutely love the art style, great job.

In my opinion this game is a masterpiece and it's so simple but so beutiful it just shows what something so small can make so once again it's a masterpiece and if your reading this comment to see if people recommend the game I do it's worth a try. p.s. sorry about bad grammer i'm not the bes at selling in the world.

I think i very first played this game two or three years ago? Still one of my favorites and i come back to it now and then. Its so cute! I love the medals and the adorable upgrades. Even the enemies are cute! It has just enough edge to be challenging without being grinding. My only complaint is that i want more!