Fear Less!

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Out Fox 5 Points

pretty easy: pop 20 foxes

All of the Things 10 Points

moderate: buy all upgrades

The Grass is Greener 10 Points

tricky: run 500m in a single run

Sweet Dreams 25 Points

pretty hard: collect all medals and defeat the nightmare (don't worry, you don't need nightmare game)

Nightmare Game 50 Points

insanely hard: find sunshine with less than 20 coins in your bank. erase all data in options to try again!

Author Comments

A girl's recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Clear your mind and fight back against the darkness!

Wow, over 160,000 views! Thanks so much, Newgrounds!

I added five site medals to say thanks. And one of them is really, really hard. =)
Z to jump. X to attack. Aim attacks within red to fight back.
Game controls can be changed in the Options menu.
[ 0 ] zero key mutes
[ - ] / [ + ] adjusts volume

A collaboration between innomin and atpalicis ( atpalicis.com/ facebook.com/atpalicis )

"[o<>o]" (soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy/o-o) by Tony McCoy (soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy)

Full soundtrack free here (remove spaces from links): dropbox.com/sh/deo0gfyurbgbi1s/GO8qNqMJH1

1) the game does have an ending, but it's a bit of a puzzle to solve. hint: unlock all medals and 'fear less'. =)
2) the visual disorientation some people are getting is an optical illusion called the 'waterfall effect'. it's harmless, and should stop if you take a short break. wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_aftereffect
3) all randomness is structured into groups with delays, so the game is fair when you get at least double jump.
4) the fire/skull area is beatable without taking damage. it might scare you the first time, though. =)
5) I switched over to the newgrounds API after mochi died. Sorry to everyone who had problems playing on april 1st. It wasn't an april fools joke, promise!
6) atpalicis and I are working on a much larger project right now, so stay tuned!


Awesome game!

I loved the game, but wheres the badges? in the 'FAQ' section in the author comments it says, and I quote, "Hint: Unlock all medals and 'fear less'. =)."

I don't understand...

Great game I voted and rated 5 stars.

some things are simply made for greatness!this game is simple, has retro style flixel graphics, a very nice 8bited soundtrack and an even simpler storyline!but in all that simplicity it delivers big time!its highly addictive, beautiful and grabs your attention for a good 20 minutes (at least) before you start thinking that you are already playing that long!i loved the anime detailing!the thing that made me angry was that i cant find the ending!thats not something that cuts from the grading it just frustrated me!overall an amazing game,surely worth its while and any newgrounds user that havent played it i would suggest to do it!
love to everyone

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innomin responds:

Thanks a lot! I know this is kind of old now, but there's a hint for the ending in the FAQ. =)

Dat waterfall effect :D

I BEATED THE GAME YAAAAY! good and suprising ending it got me 2 days to get that ending, real good game i love it!

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innomin responds:

Thanks so much, we're glad you enjoyed it! =)

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Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2013
4:19 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop