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Newgrounds VAC 10 Awards!

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Thanks for watching the awards ceremony for Newgrounds' Voice Acting Contest 10!

First of all, let me thank FoxPirate715 for creating this animatic at the last minute. This was originally only going to be audio, but she stepped up to do this and did a fantastic job with the challenge!
Also, thanks to the guest hosts who helped announce the awards and thanks to Tom who put up the prizes and allowed us a place to do this contest and upload the awards!

Finally, I'd like to say that the 10th voice acting contest was a huge success and that there were a ton of new names with an enormous amount of talent all around. PLEASE take the time to visit the audio pages credited to the left as well as visit the forum thread here: http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1336404/5

All of these voice artists worked hard on their submissions and I hope that you all take the time to listen, rate, review and maybe even animate some of these or contact the voice artists to work on your future projects!
Even those entries who were not included in the awards were still great. Most of them were close in score, but I unfortunately had to choose only some.

Again, thanks for watching and thanks in advance for your support on behalf of everyone who participated!

(If you are interested in becoming a voice actor and/or joining these contests, feel free to contact me with any questions or keep an eye out for VAC11 in the forums or via front page news from me or Tom!)

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it is a nice very entertaining animation but more animation and color when showing the winners would have made it number 1, but I don't animate and I am sure that would take alot of work and alot of time to do.And wow this is a long animation nice job with making this. all of us newgrounders I am sure appreciate th time and dedication you put into this :)

Nice for a who's who. I'm glad it's in a video format, otherwise I'd never have found it.
As a fan of movies, I value voice acting just as much as animation. It's good to take the time and appreciate.
It's kind of like a radio drama with an awards show in it.

Hey dude, next time try to make it shorter, this was way too long and not really entertaining. Better luck next time bro.

Okay, my main complaint with this is that it goes on too long. I think it's the longest thing I've ever watched on the website since this new format was made. I appreicate you wanting to pay tribute to so many talented people. It's just that there should have been more motion. I know it's not about animation, but it would have been more entertaining. The voices are of course wonderful.

My favorite presenter was of course RicePirate. Speaking of prolific people, why wasn't Rina-chan involved in any of this? I don't see TomAto either (or however you say his name). I couldn't remember most of these flashes. As I have reviewed so many, I thought I would.

JaShinYa responds:

Yeah the video was actually a very last minute decision so the artist really pushed it out as fast as she could. We're planning on doing this again for the next contest, but will have a lot more prep time and therefore better stuff! Rina and Tomamoto weren't asked to do this because they never were involved with the contests (at least not since I've been doing them). Ricepirate entered in VAC7 and is obviously a great talent and all around cool guy as well which is why he was in this. Thanks for the review and I hope you like it better next time around!

haha woo!! go moonvamp! ;P