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This is the song used for the Newgrounds BBS award flash. I hope you like it.

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New Grounds! New Wave!

Awesome work!

Epic bad-ass feeling.

The theme feels so bad-ass, it sucks me into another demension.

Intro: the start was good, with calm beats, followed by a rise of power. The song is powerful enough, and doesn't need any additional notes/instruments. The thing I didn't like was that the instruments weren't super smooth and clear. It would also be cool if you made the sound echo a bit.

Middle: the temporarily halt was a good build-up for 0:53. The problem is the same as the intro: the instruments need to be smoother and cleaner. Maybe adding some additional notes would also be a good consideration.

End~Replay: well, the end of the loop wasn't perfect. There should have been a few clam notes before the complete end since the end is too powerful to stop. Also, the loop didn't play perfectly, so re-arranging the end~beginning would be a smart move.

-1 for low quality play.
-1 for bad looping end.

Overall: a 8/10, and a 5/5 for making me pump hell. :)

~The Liberaten
--grammar and spelling not revised.


The way it starts quiet and then builds up and gets loud is cool. The part that starts at 0:20 just kicks ass. At 0:55 where everything comes together I was blown away. You good sir have a gift for audio.

Favorited You As Audio Creator

Solid piece

I found this to be a greatly solid piece. Heavily funky with a great emphasis on the guitar play sounding very amazing. The bass and drums were still cool though. Very sweet piece of gold!