A Knight To Remember

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For Voice Acting Contest 10! The theme being a night to remember, and I would think that the Dark Knight fighting the Joker in your house would be memorable...maybe not in the way you want it to be...they're gonna rack up some property damage.

Anyways, I did work hard on fine tuning the voices and I think this is the best of my voice acting that I've done thus far. Also, the best I've done with sound design, which I haven't really done much of anyways so...yeah. I think that the Joker voice is probably the weakest of the bunch, but I'd love to read about your decisions and criticisms (jk just tell me I'm fabulis). Sound effects are from freesound.org and the soundtrack strings are done by me. Here's the script to look at (I named dat bitch Lisa for some reason)-

Lisa- Roger? Roger, can you hear me? I can't reach the clothes in the back of the dryer. Can you come help me, Roger?

Roger- You better bend down and reach, bitch. I ain't comin all the way down there.

Lisa- I-I'll try, but...

Roger- And get yo ass up here and make me a sandwich, bitch.

Lisa- Did you see the casserole I left on the table? It should be...

Roger- Yeah I hit that up. Now where's that sandwich?

Lisa- I'll be right up, Roger.

Roger- Tired of you takin yo sweet ass time, bitch. Tick tock goes that clock.

Grandma- Hallow? Hallow? I just got back from bingo. Where is everybody?

Roger- Grandma, getcho ass in here!

Grandma- Now now Roger, don't talk to grandma that way.

Roger- I talk to you however I want! Now you bettah sit down or I bouta get it all up in hit it like bitch!

Timmy- Oh my gaw, was that grandma coming in the dawr?

Grandma- Que?

Timmy- Oh my gaw, grandma I'm coming down, grandma!

Grandma- Roger, who's calling for me?

Roger- It's yo pixie ass grandson Timmy.

Timmy- GIGGLYPUFF oh my gaw Roger, it's not pixie it's fucking...queen...bitch..
.GASP oh my gaw grandma, I miss you so much! Kisses!

Grandma- Oh that's sweet.

Lisa- Roger, I hurried as fast as I could. I'll make you that sandwich now. Please don't be mad at me!


Roger- Oh I know that ain't someone tryin to get up in my house no sir!

Batman- No need be alarmed, good citizens. I am...the Dark Knight...and...I need to use your bathroom.

Timmy- SWOON oh my gawd, it's Christian Bale from the Matrix trilogy! Oh my gawd, you're so hawt I just wanna like oh my gawd!

Batman- PEE DANCING Seriously, I really need to-

Lisa- It's downstairs next to the washer.

Grandma- Roger, do I need to call 911?

Roger- Pssshh! He does exist? Hot damn Jesus!

Joker- Ooahahahaha of course he exists, Mr. Dreamer. Ah ah ah don't try anything funny. Everyone be real quiet because I'm going to take him out once he's done with his little potty break.


Joker- Just who I wanted to see!



Batman- Uhhh...I'll be going now.

Roger- Ohh Hellll no! Bitch you bettah getcho cash flow ass back here!

Timmy- sigh oh my gaw, definitely a knight to remember...



I think I came across this video through the VAC awards cartoon, but all I have to say is:

"Oh my gaw~" This is fantastic! I literally have never heard anyone say that as fabulous as you have, and it left me in stitches. The quality was incredibly high, and the "bathroom diversion" was really just... funny! The use of the steps, reverb, and echoes were a great touch.

One thing I would mention would be to use more environmental sounds, the "DRAMA" score when batman and the joker arrived was great, and I think you should keep just casual music rolling to give a little "ompf" to the scene. I think an example would be to have the television on or so. You did a fabulous job, bitch~ and I totally wanna see more. Kisses!~

Hey that was awesome !

Wow man, that was really good. Kudos to you dude!

Pretty silly voice thingy you got going here but truth be told it ain't half bad. I think the second half is where it really picks up

Batman strikes again!

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