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For the Ludum Dare 28 challenge. "Minimalism". It's a 48 hour challenge, but it's actually only a 24 hour challenge if you decide your original idea is stupid, go to bed, and wake up to finish it off.

This is a very minimal game. 4 monsters, 3 classes, 4 stats (only 3 of which matter, 2 of which barely matter), 2 towns, 2 areas. But Goddamn it was a joy to create, and the potential for it is considerable. I look forward to expanding the hell out of this.

Have fun. If you have some kind of numbers-related OCD you may actually manage to do that.

**EDIT: This is a 'game' where all you do is press space to advance. There's a very, very thin amount of content in place even there, so while it's similar to things like Progress Quest, it's still tremendously lacking in comparison.

So when I mention I plan on expanding on this, it's not like I think the 'just-press-space' mechanic is solid. I'd like to add options to the game, choices you can make, equipment you can buy and sell, etc. No, this would have to be radically improved in every way. I'm not sitting here thinking this is a great game as is. I'd call it bare bones, but a lot of bones are missing.

However, for something I made from complete scratch (save for the use of the flixel library) in 24 hours? I'm happy with it. And I plan on adding a variety of classes, equipment to pick up, different options you can choose, different areas to get into, different kinds of encounters, and so on.

I just didn't want people to keep thinking 'he thinks this is a great game' or 'he thinks a game where all you do is press space is great'. Eesh.

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A very basic RPG that only uses the space bar. With more content and better graphics it would be much better.

I love this game, but for me I can only get far with a warrior. everyone else just dies in a few turns :(

Seeing as this is a game purely about pressing the space bar, this is actually a nice attempt to make an RPG type game of this kind. The only thing irksome is that winning or losing in the battle segments is purely luck based just...like...a...usual RPG... Oh... Despite that slight irk, great game!


After 97 moves, 15 monsters slain and a few burg/shire visits, I finally died. Not the best game in the world but I'll be back to crank up adventure when I'm bored.

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2.62 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2013
8:45 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG