Reviews for "QUEST SPACE"

I'm not a huge fan of RPG's game, I personnaly don't understand what pressing space over and over until you die just to see "Replay ?" icon is fun. But you've made this game in 24hours which is really impressive, i love the pixels graphics, reminds me of good old games. You should try to expand it, add more content, more ennemies, loot and NPC in towns, and it could definitely become a great game :) !

(sorry for the bad grammar and syntax)

It's ok, and I agree that it has potential but the thing I think it need most is... more events... I want to slay some dragons!

ok. played 5 times and all five times I died after 2-3 battles. no options that I could affect. therefore, your game = suck.

VictorGrunn responds:

Between you and me, I'm blaming your space bar on this one.

Thanks for playing!

is there any way to heal? this would be a great time waster if you had more rpg elements

VictorGrunn responds:

There is actually one and only one way to heal: get to a town with more than 5 gold. It'll deduct 5 gold and top off your health before sending you off on the next string of attacks.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll be working on this one and definitely adding more of those elements.

Eh, it's not much as is, though you already know that.

Mage is currently really weak. You should fix that in the next version by giving wisdom a function. Also, Rogue is currently a bit underpowered compared to Warrior.

So, you plan on expanding this into a full RPG, with choices and a storyline? Sounds like fun, I look forward to it.

VictorGrunn responds:

Yep, that's the plan. Sharp eye to notice wis was the odd man out here - that currently does nothing whatsoever. Thanks for giving it a look, it's been a while. :)