Reviews for "QUEST SPACE"

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooor

VictorGrunn responds:

Poo or what? POO OR WHAT?

Now I'll never know. :(

This is cute and funny in it's own way. I ended up playing 3 games of it just to see what else I could get. Fun overall.

VictorGrunn responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it even if only for a moment!

Well... I dont know how to judge this game. I think it looks nice. But you absolutely have no choices. you are just skipping forward, the events and everything is just random. THis is simply not a real game, its more like a movie with radom scenes or something. A game should be interactive somehow. Thats what makes it a game in my eyes.

So, I like the artwork and stuff, but I dont like the concept. I think if you make something thats not interactive at all, it cant be called a game.
Well, this surely has potential. You said you want to extend the game, wich is good. If you change your concept and make it at least a little bit interactive, it might be a nice game.

VictorGrunn responds:

You know, you actually bring up a really interesting question. If a game is not at all interactive, is it a game?

Now, I plan on adding a lot more to this game. I want there to be choices, options, etc. But let me ask you. Is a slot machine a game? Most of them are completely non-interactive aside from pulling a level. But they do seem to be considered by many 'games'. I'm not disputing your judgment here - yours is as valid as mine - but it is something I like to think about.

Thanks for the comment.

game based on luck eh? "not bad, in fact i like it" is in order. perhaps a simple bit of advancement is in order other than the continual spamming of the space bar? lol

VictorGrunn responds:

Really, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, I actually intended to put in some kind of reflex mechanism in this one. It didn't make it in in time for the LD, but hey, trivial to add in after the fact.

Ad a meter to count the timing. It works but few will enjoy it the way it is. One button games like cannabalt work, but without some meter of some kind to tell you if your hitting the right timing it falls flat. The visuals work, but with a combat system this flawed it is difficult to know if its gameplay or just random.

VictorGrunn responds:

I'm actually shocked you say the visuals work. Thanks!

I agree few will enjoy it. I feel a little odd here, but for anyone else reading - this was a game made for Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game-making competition, which I started from scratch on halfway through. I was an hour before deadline and decided, alright, I have to either put this in (and at least get the sense of satisfaction in having a working, if tremendously flawed, game) or give up. So, in it went.

But yeah, you're right - the game is flawed. (Let's be blunt: it sucks.) It really is just random, insofar as it's a 1d40 with a dex modifier to see if you hit, then another 1d40 with an str modifier to see for how much (and '0' is a live possibility.) I mean, I didn't sit here thinking 'Ah, well, all you do is press space. This is great gameplay!' (There are 'games' like that that are fun in a sense - ProgressQuest comes to mind - but they entertain by at least having a variety of fun names of equipment and areas and levels and, etc, etc.)

If I want to make a fun game out of this, I have to add variety - let you flee, you you gain equipment, let you defend, let you cast spells, SOMEthing other than just pressing space. I need a better interface, better graphics (probably similar style, but with more care put into it), actual story, more event types - right now there's 2 area types that just modified background, 2 towns that only give you a heal chance if you get there with 5+ gold, and a whopping 4 monsters.

The funny thing is, that meter idea you have? That is EXACTLY something I was attempting to add, but my chosen tool (Photonstorm's FlxCollide) wasn't working the way I wanted, and I was pressed for time and didn't feel like working out an alternative.

Either way, thanks a ton for the rating and the feedback. It's appreciated.