Kriesis Episode 1

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Warning It's pretty long XD, It's about 12 minutes long.

This is the First Episode to my original on-going series. It took me a while to complete. Inspired from alot of places. The first episode was more of a test episode to see what style of animation is best to complete an episode quickly but effectively (and to get some experience with non-sprite animating).

I also have to give special thanks shout out to ALL MY VOICE ACTORS!!!! because without you this wouldn't be possible.

and to everyone else.... let me know what you think ^^

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This looks to be an incredible new series!!!!!!!!!!!!
I only hope it isn't discontinued.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Incredible?..... aahh shucks :). Episode 2 is well on it's way. Thanks for the review

Dude that was really kewl! I can't even imagine the time you spent on it, my patience is so short when it comes to animating and art in general! Well done!!

MOA-OZZY responds:

Ahh the hard part was the story. Now that I know the plot the second episode won't take so long... If i don't get too lazy with it

the animation was good but by your talent i can tell your going to get alot better over time! The voices were great, although the lip syncing need work its late at some parts and choppy on others also body reaction with facial expression didint make sense sometimes. some of the scenes were great because the views and angles were amazing keep that up overall i think you'll become a great animator if you work on these things andfind your own style keep up the good work!

MOA-OZZY responds:

yeah, I was rushing the lip syncing because I got tired of working on the episode. Thanks for the constructive review. I'll keep it in mind

This should be an interesting series.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Interesting Indeed n_n

Huh. A bit abrupt at the ending, possibly. But wow, the voices!! Really good! I think there's a lot of potential here, but also room for improvement. There are probably some things (like Kai running away into the distance) that, if they were fleshed out a little more, would look more realistic and a bit cooler. Cool though, you seem to have a really put-together plot! If you stay true to a clear, understandable plot line, I think this can be really great. Keep working out the animation, see how fancy you can get while still staying on a reasonable timeline. Keep it up!

MOA-OZZY responds:

Still a BIG room for improvement XD. Evidently my plot and story telling skills are improving too :), i use to suck at story telling. It's hard starting up an anime on newgrounds. I don't see many people on here with that kinda patience. Thanks though :) stay tuned for episode 2

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Dec 30, 2012
7:12 PM EST
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