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Reviews for "Kriesis Episode 1"

The story is well written and i see alot of time is spent on this animation but omg I just find this so cheesy...And i can't belive how people still like the "line-drawing", feels like its made 10 years ago...anyway it's not my type of cartoon..but i'll give it a few stars for the effort put on this video.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Thanks for the review. It was actually more fun than effort, it did better than expected so that's always a plus

I liked it, and I'm glad you chose to use some of the songs I've submitted to newgrounds. I had to take half of a point away though with the morning the Director met Kai, though the setting was nice, the time of day shouldn't have been that bright out. Well that, and some of the angled views of the characters were unbalanced. But I can see that you will most likely get better from here on, so keep up the good work, and I'll try my best to stop in newgrounds more often to see what you've put out.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Thanks, It was my first non-sprite animation so it turned out better than I thought it did. I lost all my files for episode 2 because of a virus attack so I'm working on something new and better :) I might use some more of your music... who knows, thanks for the review

Good but subtitles were a bit annoying BUT I can see this evolving. Think of doing something with JazLyte who made Synergy?

MOA-OZZY responds:

Yeah, I'm taking the subtitles off second episode. JazLyte.. woah I aint that good yet.... But me and him would make one Sick!! movie together..... Maybe some day

This looks to be an incredible new series!!!!!!!!!!!!
I only hope it isn't discontinued.

MOA-OZZY responds:

Incredible?..... aahh shucks :). Episode 2 is well on it's way. Thanks for the review

Dude that was really kewl! I can't even imagine the time you spent on it, my patience is so short when it comes to animating and art in general! Well done!!

MOA-OZZY responds:

Ahh the hard part was the story. Now that I know the plot the second episode won't take so long... If i don't get too lazy with it