Berzerk Ball 2

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Adrian 5 Points

Get 6 Challenge Medals.

One small step for a geek... 5 Points

Reach 40,000 Distance.

Total Noob 5 Points

Get your team to level 5.

What's the hurry? 5 Points

Reach 400 Speed.

Appolo 10 Points

Get 9 Challenge Medals.

Major League 10 Points

Reach 100,000 Distance.

Regular Noob 10 Points

Get your team to level 10.

Turbo Nerd 10 Points

Reach 600 Speed.

Col. Mustard 25 Points

[?], [?], [?], [?], Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start...

Drago 25 Points

Get 12 Challenge Medals.

Fat and Furious 25 Points

Reach 700 Speed.

Hercule Poirot 25 Points

One is Silver and the other's Gold...

Homerunesque 25 Points

Reach 200,000 Distance.

Lt. Colombo 25 Points

Geek ain't no dev'...

Sherlock Holmes 25 Points

Girls around the world...

Still a little Noobish 25 Points

Get your team to level 15.

Theo Kojak 25 Points

Rough way back...

Not a Noob anymore...almost 50 Points

Get your team to level 20

Rocky 50 Points

Get 15 Challenge Medals

So far, so Geek 50 Points

Reach 350,000 Distance.

What just passed by? 50 Points

Reach 800 Speed.

Alright, you're good...Damn Cheater! 100 Points

Get your team to level 25.

It's a bird...It's a Plane...It's PWNED!!! 100 Points

Reach 500,000 Distance.

TCB in a Flash 100 Points

Reach 900 Speed.

Tiger whom Rocky has the eye of 100 Points

Get 18 Challenge Medals.

Author Comments

Update 2.0: Berzerk Ball 2 is now bigger, longer and well, isn't that enough?

Added a new barrier to break.
New bonuses to unlock.
Improved geek smashing & balance
Longer overall gameplay


Let out some rage on internet geeks and smash them into oblivion! Berzerk Ball 2 is finally here! Your objective is simple; select a character, build a geek, then smash him as far as you can! It won't be easy; he'll insult you and make fun of you in 1337 speak as you repeatedly hit him further and further! Best of all, you can upgrade your character learn new moves, earn new weapons, and other items that increase your stats and impact the overall damage you do to your nerd!


This game is so entertaining, I couldn't stop playing for a week straight. Now i'm working on all my medals, but this only gets 4.5 stars for one reason..

One of the challenges is to change the color of your shield, and burst through the dummy with the right color.. well, I don't know if its just my computer but the gameplay for just that challenge is so hard to look at, that it hurts my eyes.

LIke, i got very dizzy from it, just because it was so blurry and it wasn't smooth, so i guess unless that gets fixed i'm unable to get that medal.. Great game though.

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Nice one!

I DID save... and it was good! One thing that bothers me about this game is the "iron man factor". No matter how many stat points you put into it, it doesn't charge when you need it most....it's terrible.

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mine is saving fine. im loving this game. there is a lot to do and the challenge modes are just that, challenging. my only problem is getting the bar for sharing on facebook. it always gives me an error. other than that its a really good game.

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Overall, the game is what it's supposed to be...

It's still one of my favorite toss games to date.

With kickass music, multiple playstyles/characters, and near-limitless possibilities, the fun almost never ends.

However the only thing that bothers me is the replay value after all challenges have been done, and all achievements have been unlocked. If I want to increase my distance, I have to gain enough bolts to purchase a gold bar so I can forge a powerful weapon, considering that the shop soon becomes useless.

This becomes very redundant and boring, only gaining about 3000-5000 per go in bonus, and maybe about 3000-4000 is loose bolts gained from monsters and other things. I need 200,000! That's a lot of reptitive gameplay to go through before you see new records made! It's almost as if in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the game, you need to keep on buying your bolts and plates with REAL money, which is simply unreasonable.

Either improve the shop, improve the money, or fuck me silly.

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Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2012
3:50 PM EST
Skill - Toss
  • Frontpaged December 20, 2012
  • Daily Feature December 20, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place December 26, 2012