Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

If BerzerkStudio gave me a ticket to go to the ball game... I want it to be like this! This game is a real improvement from the first game. The geek from the first game is funny and had new added things for him to say, which are pretty funny. Good work and PLAY F**KIN' BAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!

This game is obviously far too easy. On my Run i already achieved a score of approximately 700000 and coulg go a lot further but the game kind of broke(for the last 10 minutes it's been giving me +1 Skill Point). I also broke all the Speed Achievments in one Run.

I got too good the game broke because one of my team mates help happened at the same time i used my meteor strike

(Click on the "Geek" signs on the credits page in the options until they break.)

got to the end of comic nightmare once n now i cant do it again.. whys it sooo long??