Reviews for "Berzerk Ball 2"

I like this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to admit right now, The phone version of this game is rather lame in the sense that it's about 10 times easier to land perfect hits. This version is actually not bad. It's more of a challenge to land a good hit and it looks just as good. Overall, The game is well polished, And I LOVE beating the living crap out of the nerd in the "Cloud" knockoff (Which I nicknamed "Dirt"... lol.).

As for faults, There are a few bugs in some of the hits where if you get to max speed he just won't slow down, Or some sort of anti-cheating measure which can sometimes halt you in your tracks if you're doing TOO good. (Ether that or a glitch.)

Aside from a few minor faults, I'd say this is one game to play through and have fun with!

I launched him in the clouds, he returned and bounced back... and so it was until a anti-cheat in game happened and forced the geek to stop. It was 1.000.000 distance, y u no add medal for it!

*lands the perfect hit*


I think I broke the limits of speed, I went up to 1000 and the geek wouldn't go slower than 500 anymore