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Commerical talk:
Massive Action platformer following in the footsteps of giants like Super Meat Boy or N+, spanning 45 levels across 3 unique worlds. Features: final boss, high scores, original soundtrack and a jetpack!

SkullFace, has been in the works for about 7 months and began almost a year before that! So much care and play-testing has gone into every level and nuance in this game, i hope you enjoy the experience. A challenging and rewarding adventure with original soundtrack by Adam Dishongh, that ends with a climactic showdown.

Real talk:
Woah, this is my biggest game to date and has taken a lot of work, i put my heart and soul into this thing. It started a long time back with a programmer who later moved to San Fransisco and work on the project, so i took the art assets redesigned the game a bit, and learned to program it myself in Stencyl Engine. Its largely inspired by SuperMeatBoy, N+ and Jumper.. i loved those games, the new wave of action platformer and so i just really wanted to make one. The game is about constant learning and the feeling of achievement when you beat a level, only to be met with a new challenge and so new obstacles are introduced every few levels across the entire game to keep it fresh. The main focus is on smooth movement and the under flow of rolling/jumping/jetpackin g.. the first time i made a boss battle as well, and the most play-tested and tweaked a game. been wanting to make a for ages, and i think something a lot of indie devs want to try.. so i hope i did it justice and to be honest this project was really fucking challenging from start to finish, and also was a financial failure as well, but i hope it is well received and the effort that went into it shines through. I really underestimated how difficult it would be to program the whole game myself as well as do the art/design/animation.. but despite wanting to quit several times during development and many long nights, i stuck with it and am super proud. the first time commissioned a soundtrack as well, and i think the music is great and really matches the gameplay. looking forward to feedback about the game and how it will be received by the players



This starts out as a really fun game about speed and skill but then it becomes a frustrating, aggravating mess about "accuracy" and "timing." But there is no such thing as accuracy or timing in a video game, only luck. Way to ruin your own game, man.

i love it

Very well thought out tribute, and fun game overall

Influences by meatboy and other fast-paced platformer are big here, but this is not a bad thing if the game is done well like this!

Control are smooth and responsive, from the wall-jumping to the jetpack, I expetially love the roll+jump combo!
Awesome game design, no level seems out of place and the learning curve is well calibrated!
Graphic is simple and clear, while I think the tiles for the levels aren't prefectly matching the great hand drawed art (they seems a little too "blocky") nothing is really out of place, it's just something I felt a little while playing, but I'm nitpicking here!
Music is fine too, pretty damn catchy and perfect for the fast-rhythm gameplay!

My only complaits:
-In the final level, the two vertical laser-shooting eyeballs went a little out of sync during some of my attemps to complete it; it was a small difference of milliseconds, but took me out of guard; plus, it fixed itself after some more deaths.
-The boss fight, the last two attacks are way too cheap, if you stay in the corner there is no way you're gonna get killed by the spiked balls!

Over all, this game is amazing! Had a lot of fun with it, keep up your great job!

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2012
6:00 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop