Reviews for "SkullFace"

very fun and nice music but the wall jumping really got to me on this one. the fact that you cant wall jump while your character is still ascending(moving upwards) even the tiniest bit, makes speed wall jumping impossible.

make it to where you can wall jump(while still moving upwards) and ill give you a 5 all day

I haven't beat it yet, but I'm about half way through, and I'm loving every second of it. I can't even put into words how great this game is. It has everything I love in a platformer; wall jumping, dodging obstacles, bouncing off enemies, etc. I really think you did a fantastic job, and I hope you get all the recognition you deserve. :) I will definitely be playing this game over and over again, for years to come.

You deserve 5 stars, i can see you worked hard for this game, and i really have loved it, it is fun, challenging and cute too, very entertaining, thank you for sharing this, i really hope to see more from you in the future, really a great submission!

Fast paced, smooth, challenging and fun. Love it.

other than falling off walls when you're trying to wall jump this platformer handles perfectly

graphics and music are all top notch as you already know.