Reviews for "SkullFace"

Very well thought out tribute, and fun game overall

Influences by meatboy and other fast-paced platformer are big here, but this is not a bad thing if the game is done well like this!

Control are smooth and responsive, from the wall-jumping to the jetpack, I expetially love the roll+jump combo!
Awesome game design, no level seems out of place and the learning curve is well calibrated!
Graphic is simple and clear, while I think the tiles for the levels aren't prefectly matching the great hand drawed art (they seems a little too "blocky") nothing is really out of place, it's just something I felt a little while playing, but I'm nitpicking here!
Music is fine too, pretty damn catchy and perfect for the fast-rhythm gameplay!

My only complaits:
-In the final level, the two vertical laser-shooting eyeballs went a little out of sync during some of my attemps to complete it; it was a small difference of milliseconds, but took me out of guard; plus, it fixed itself after some more deaths.
-The boss fight, the last two attacks are way too cheap, if you stay in the corner there is no way you're gonna get killed by the spiked balls!

Over all, this game is amazing! Had a lot of fun with it, keep up your great job!

This game works very well, the only little thing which I though was annoying is when skullface grabs a ledge or let go of a ledge when you want him to. It didn't felt intuitive or fluid for me. Else than that it's a very fun and playable game :)

It was good, though I wish I could lower the quality so it wouldn't lag and skip so much.

yup, great job
of course there little things to be polish and fixed,
but you made a great game =]
keep working, good job