Reviews for "SkullFace"

Great game, nice work!

Its decent, but I think the wall jumping could use some work.

Nice graphics and tight gameplay but......JUST TO DAMN HARD DUDE!!!!


The pacing of the game is amazing. The slight but relieving changes in background scenery and game mechanics are amazing. The next-to last level seemed to have a lot of contrived bits of difficulty instead of the other levels, but even that was great.

The simplistic but challenging boss with its nods to all of the previous traps was excellent. Despite a lack of strong narrative or storyline, the little snippets were enough to let us know what was going on and to add a spice to an otherwise already flavorful blend of excellent platforming elements.

Controls were smooth, and while I experienced a little bit of lag whenever he entered a portal, I suspect that's a combination of my computer, Chrome, and the fact that I was playing on a low power setting.

This game, with no additional polish, would be one I'd gladly pay money for. Nothing copious, but easily a $5-15 game on Steam. With even more levels, more artistic vision, or this kind of excellent platforming mechanic plus an in-depth story, and you'd have even more of a gem.

I haven't played something this good in ages.

I do strongly encourage perhaps delving a bit into formulating plots and developing storylines, because this using whatever base you used for this and your great sensibilities with level design, you could just rehash the programming but vary the theme or message and build something truly great alongside such works as Limbo, Braid, and the like.

There is always room to reach higher, but on NG, and for a free game, this deserves MORE than a five-star rating. Great art, level design, animations, execution, and commitment to quality.