Reviews for "SkullFace"

Omg, I always enjoy playing super meat boy... oh wait... skullface?... i thought i was playing SUPER MEAT BOY!! >_<

This game is absolutely fantastic. The jumping, the rolling, the jetpack, all of it flows together so well. The game started off rather easy, simple even. However once the difficulty started to rise, it got progressively more and more challenging, seemingly out of nowhere. Some checkpoints would've been nice, hah. Definitely reminiscent of Meat Boy. The only thing I might add is some more story, and the background for the levels was always rather plain. I think a bit more detail would be nice, but other than that, 10/10, would play again.

This is a gem!

Great Job, the art was nice and the controls were smooth, I can honestly say all my deaths were user error rather then clunky controls.

This is a really good game The controlls are tight and the levels are designed well. I ended up playing it for a while and then recommended it. I rarely do that. Good job 5 stars